SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 – APRIL 17, 2021


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I have much better mental resiliency and physical flexibility. I'm committed to Life Yoga because of the personal and compassionate environment provided by great teachers. Try it--you'll see why I love it!


I started at Life Yoga a year and a half ago. I was hooked with a welcoming atmosphere, variety in classes and times, and even the same titled class guided by another, feels new and fresh. I am always amazed at what my body and mind can be encouraged to do!


I started coming to yoga to help with my joints and I also love the classes that are geared to my times that I am able to make it there. I also enjoy the spirit of the teachers which make you feel great. I feel more that I have more energy and fit. Love Life Yoga Studio.


I love the intimacy of the studio and the smaller size classes, as well as the fact that is is regular temperature. The teachers are inspiring and their passion for yoga really comes through in their teaching. Looking forward to my next class!!


Life Yoga studio is a regular temperature studio, which was the main reason for me to join. Then I experienced the teachers....all are truly amazing, approachable and will help you during the class. I also find the times of the classes fit with my schedule perfectly. A huge "thank you" to the Life Yoga teachers for enriching my life and helping me feel better.

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