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Yoga with Free Weights

This class is taught by:

Emi Kovacs

Emi M is a Yoga Alliance -Certified E-RYT200 instructor. After her own personal struggles, she found inner peach through power yoga. She was a student under the ultimate yogis, Travis Elliot, and Lauren Eckstrom, whom she obtained her certification through. In time, her personal practice changed, and she started to be more interested in meditation and the pursuit of all things yoga.

Emi is known for her authentic, non judgmental teaching style. Her classes combine creative sequencing and a focus on safe alignment. With her holistic yoga flow, she combines the power and peacefulness, of yoga together.

Emi is always a student first and a teacher second. She's versed in Yoga therapy for depression and is currently looking forward to deepening her knowledge on sequencing and yin yoga.

Leah Nicoletta

Leah believes that there is a yoga practice for everybody. The secret is to find a teacher that speaks to you. It was not love at first sight after she tried her first yoga class 15 years ago, she failed understand the hype and quickly lost interest. Fast forward to 2009 she rediscovered yoga after taking a power yoga class because at that time, that was what her body needed. Despite being an avid runner she watched her body transform to a much stronger and more toned self. The more she practiced it, the more she let go of the notion that it is just a physical practice and became open to the deeper understanding of the mind-body-spirit connections. To help deepen her understanding of yoga, she completed her Teacher Training in 2011 with the amazing Barb Leese. She started teaching classes locally throughout Halton before moving to Montreal in 2012 and started teaching there. Teaching yoga was something she always did on the side while continuing to work in the corporate world. It was not until the Summer of 2014 when she returned back to Ontario that she had the courage to work in the field full-time and she has not looked back. Leah specializes in yoga for beginners, seniors (mature bodies) and runners (her love for hip and hamstring poses since being a runner herself). She loves furthering her studies in yoga and health & wellness. She has completed her yoga for seniors training, started her Pain Care Yoga Certificate and is currently studying to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. In addition, she is also Canfitpro certified as a Fitness Instructor and Fitness Specialist for Seniors through the Canadian Centre of Activity and Aging in connection with the University of Western. Leah not only teaches classes at Life Yoga, she helps Alia with all the behind the scenes that make the studio a success.

Susan LaFlair

Yoga has been a big part of my life for 8 years and it supports me in ways that never ceases to amaze me. At first, it supported my physical fitness goals and even supported me back to health after a debilitating back injury.
But it is so much more.
Yoga’s physical aspect was a gateway to a satisfying inner life that sustains my spiritual growth and inner balance as I continue to learn. I have expanded my practice first as a student (which I will forever be) then as a teacher when I studied the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Sun Yoga Studio and then subsequently with workshops in proper alignment, yoga for pain management and sequencing hatha classes.
Every day that I teach a yoga class, I count my lucky stars that I can share my love for yoga with my students. I look forward to leading you through your next practice.

Julie Bijl

Julie began her yoga journey almost 10 years ago, first trying it out at a local YMCA. In 2009, she began

a regular practice and never looked back. Although she first started doing yoga for the physical benefits,

soon the benefits of having a healthy mind, body and spirit became the driving force behind her

practice. She credits yoga for helping her stay active and healthy during her 4 th pregnancy in 2010.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in beautiful Costa Rica and is grateful to have had the

opportunity to study and practice in a location that embodies the Pura Vida life.

Julie loves the benefits of yoga and truly believes that it should be assessable for everyone. Her goal is

to make her students comfortable, teaching them not the pose. Every class is an opportunity for both

teacher and student learn and grow from each other.

Yoga with Free Weights will give you that extra "oomph" and the next day "ooooh, ahhh, ouch" that you desire. Not for the faint of heart. This class with have you burnin' calories with a butt lifting, leg toning, arm fab-ing, jealous-of-my-abs workout! Of course we cool it down with Life Yoga's signature 14 min wind down. We all deserve it. All levels welcome.

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