Strong Body. Strong Mind. Empowered Life.


A free spirit at heart with a passion for learning, Ioulia discovered her love for yoga in 2008. Being a piano and vocal teacher seven days a week, she desperately needed time for herself. Eventually, Ioulia was able to find a beautiful relationship between the body, the mind and the breath that she could not only use during practice but also apply it to music teaching as well as her everyday activities. With every class, she grew more and more in love with the power and a sense of peace yoga provided. The more she learned, the further she wanted to take her education.

A few years later, she ended up completing her 200-hour yoga teaching certification. This was just the beginning of her lifelong journey of learning, growing and inspiring. She is a strong believer in fusing music and yoga to power and motivate the body and the mind, creating fun playlists for each class.

She loves yoga because it calms her, lets her appreciate the little things in life and allows her to eat more pie!

Ioulia instructs the following:
  • Simply Yoga
  • Simply Yoga (A.K.A. Hatha Yoga) is simply a series of poses that flow in to each other. Nothing crazy, no gimmicks. Classes will begin with series of Sun Salutations, flow into balancing poses followed by floor work, then Life Yoga's signature 15 minute relaxing sequence at the end. AMAZING for beginners, GREAT for intermediate and for you advanced people, take this class when you want to do yoga without inverting yourself inside out.

  • Gentle Yoga
  • A gentle practice, much like moving meditation. Flows are aligned with breath and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Also gets you moving, exercising and opens the body. This gentle class is candle lit to help you flitter off into bliss! The perfect practice at the end of a busy day!