Strong Body. Strong Mind. Empowered Life.


Julie began her yoga journey almost 10 years ago, first trying it out at a local YMCA. In 2009, she began

a regular practice and never looked back. Although she first started doing yoga for the physical benefits,

soon the benefits of having a healthy mind, body and spirit became the driving force behind her

practice. She credits yoga for helping her stay active and healthy during her 4 th pregnancy in 2010.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in beautiful Costa Rica and is grateful to have had the

opportunity to study and practice in a location that embodies the Pura Vida life.

Julie loves the benefits of yoga and truly believes that it should be assessable for everyone. Her goal is

to make her students comfortable, teaching them not the pose. Every class is an opportunity for both

teacher and student learn and grow from each other.

Julie instructs the following:
  • Simply Yoga
  • Simply Yoga (A.K.A. Hatha Yoga) is simply a series of poses that flow in to each other. Nothing crazy, no gimmicks. Classes will begin with series of Sun Salutations, flow into balancing poses followed by floor work, then Life Yoga's signature 15 minute relaxing sequence at the end. AMAZING for beginners, GREAT for intermediate and for you advanced people, take this class when you want to do yoga without inverting yourself inside out.

  • Yoga with Free Weights
  • Yoga with Free Weights will give you that extra "oomph" and the next day "ooooh, ahhh, ouch" that you desire. Not for the faint of heart. This class with have you burnin' calories with a butt lifting, leg toning, arm fab-ing, jealous-of-my-abs workout! Of course we cool it down with Life Yoga's signature 14 min wind down. We all deserve it. All levels welcome.