Strong Body. Strong Mind. Empowered Life.


Karen is a Human Service Worker/Yogi/Child Mindfulness Educator who is an empathic and an intuitive person. She enjoys helping people and reaching their full potential, especially through teaching yoga and meditation. She is also experienced with diverse groups of children in the education system and has worked closely with children, with physical and intellectual disabilities. Karen is a Yoga Intructor specializing in Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Children’s Yoga and Meditation.
Karen encourages everyone to try yoga and to begin discovering who they really are and challenge their minds to grow & stretch their thinking. A true Yogi at heart! Through meditation, breathing and the willingness to learn you can tap into endless possibilities.
Karen has studied at the Transformational Arts College and has taken the Discovering the Total Self Program and has completed her Reiki Masters training. Karen is a certified Yoga Instructor.

Karen instructs the following:
  • Healing Zen Meditation
  • Part of our Wellness Wednesdays Series, Healing Zen Meditation is a 45 minute guided meditation to relieve anxiety and stress using visualization, breath and intention. We introduce techniques in the Kundalini tradition to balance the Chakras and attune into each one giving the body a sense of wellbeing and holistic healing. Meditation is scientifically proven to alter your brain decreasing fear, increasing productivity, improved sleep, ability to shift perspective and so much more! Recommended for EVERYONE! 

  • Zen Breath & Flow
  • Part of our Wellness Wednesdays series, Zen Breath & Flow is a practice like poetry in movement! The goal is to invoke that euphoric feeling and fill the body and each cell with Prana (life force) through a series of breathing exercises between and during pose transitions. This releases endorphins, detoxifies the body and relieves anxiety by purging out stagnant energy and settling into the parasympathetic nervous system.
    A revitalizing practice or ALL LEVELS! We introduce poses and breathing techniques in Moderate, Intermediate and Advanced so you can grow with this practice.

  • Turtle Yoga
  • Very cool class for deeeeeep stretching. This class is A.K.A as "Yin" which means passive. You hold poses for longer than usual and this aids in flexibility and relaxation for muscles and works deep into fascia (google it, neat stuff). You will walk out of this class feeling like you just got an amazing massage. I'll take it!