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Janina Lee

Janina Lee Del Rio is a 200 hours Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, graduating in 2007 with High Honours from Sheridan College in Oakville.
Over ten years ago, Janina turned to practice yoga as a way to relax and have some downtime from looking after her two very active young children. Just one downward-facing dog posture (asana), she was captivated by the calmness and inner peace she found in herself. After that first yoga class, she realized teaching of yoga was her calling in life. One of her favourite aspect of practicing yoga is the amazing transformation and healing that take place both physically and emotionally. An emphasis on listening to your body, respecting your limits, without judgement and meeting personal expectations is a common thread throughout her class. The main focus of her teaching is the breath, proper alignment, and honouring the body. She believes that the power of kindness is indispensable for the well being of everyone. Janina suffers from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Janina completed in April 2018 Pain and The Stretch Reflex with Nicole Ablack-Ramkay (Toronto) and in the fall 2016, the 20 hrs Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training: Healing your Heroes by Healing Heroes Project in Oakville, Canada. Janina has studied as well with other noted yogis: Daniel Rama summer 2016, Brad Waites, summer 2015. Rodney and Colleen Yee, Cindy Lee, Leslie Kaminoff, Jason Crandell, Yasmin Gow, J. Miller, Maria Garre, Doug Swenson, Natasha Rizopoulos, Lisa Black, Michelle Cormack, Todd Norian and Ann Green at the Toronto Yoga Conference. In 2009 she attended the Pre and Post Natal Yoga Training Programme at Esther Myers Yoga Studio in Toronto.

Janina Lee instructs the following:
  • Turtle Yoga
  • Very cool class for deeeeeep stretching. This class is A.K.A as "Yin" which means passive. You hold poses for longer than usual and this aids in flexibility and relaxation for muscles and works deep into fascia (google it, neat stuff). You will walk out of this class feeling like you just got an amazing massage. I'll take it!

  • Simply Yoga
  • Simply Yoga (A.K.A. Hatha Yoga) is simply a series of poses that flow in to each other. Nothing crazy, no gimmicks. Classes will begin with series of Sun Salutations, flow into balancing poses followed by floor work, then Life Yoga's signature 15 minute relaxing sequence at the end. AMAZING for beginners, GREAT for intermediate and for you advanced people, take this class when you want to do yoga without inverting yourself inside out.