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Dear Beginner,

Does the thought of doing Yoga or going to a Yoga class make you feel like a Scaredy-Cat? Have you tried yoga maybe once…. Unrolled your mat, sat at the back of the class and attempted “Yoga” while tripping, falling, pulling muscles and feeling like a complete bozo as you watch those hard bodies  at the front row expressing art with their bodies and then you SWORE you would never do “Yoga” again? If so….. You are not alone!!!

Although it might not seem like it, those hard bodied show-offs started just like you! They were once you. A beginner. No one is born doing Yoga postures, its something you learn like drawing or singing (unless you are Mariah Carey, she was born singing, probably… well maybe). While you were so focused on the Yoga bad asses, you didn’t notice that the rest of the 95% of people in your class are average Joes.  A mere 5% (if that) ever get to that point where they are doing headstands and inverting themselves inside out. Most people come to Yoga to feel good, chill out and make fun of themselves. Not very scary!

Now dust off your yoga mat (if you don’t have one, we sell high quality studio mats) and get your butt over to our studio. Oh and NEWSFLASH: A big part of Yoga Teacher Training is the teaching of compassion. Instructors are super sweet people that LOVE beginners. Tell them at the beginning of class and they will make sure you have fun.  ALSO, Yogi’s are really nice people too. No one is judging you or even cares what you are doing. They are there for their own inward journey so chill out!

If hopping in a regular drop in class seems less appealing than poking your own  eye out, start off with beginner workshops. Life Yoga Studio offers beginner workshops all year long. Keep an eye out on our workshop page and sign up.

I hope you are feeling more confidant in giving it a go.



A Recovering Beginner



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