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A.K.A Yin Yoga. This is a sloooooow practice with focus on holding poses to open the body, detox and really get into deep fascia stretch (google it, neat stuff!) Mostly mat work, there won't be a whole lot of movement. Perfect for those with flexibility as the main goal! Appropriate for ALL levels.

Zen Breath & Flow


Part of our Wellness Wednesdays series, Zen Breath & Flow is a practice like poetry in movement! The goal is to invoke that euphoric feeling and fill the body and each cell with Prana (life force) through a series of breathing exercises between and during pose transitions. This releases endorphins, detoxifies the body and relieves anxiety by purging out stagnant energy and settling into the parasympathetic nervous system. A revitalizing practice or ALL LEVELS! We introduce poses and breathing techniques in Moderate, Intermediate and Advanced so you can grow with this practice.



Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga (A.K.A. Hatha Yoga) is simply a series of poses that are fun and feel great. Nothing crazy, no gimmicks. Classes will begin with a series of Sun Salutations, flow into balancing poses, standing poses followed by floor work, then we blissfully send you off in Savasana (corpse pose) at the end. AMAZING for beginners, GREAT for intermediate and for you advanced people, take this class when you want to do yoga without inverting yourself inside out.


Yoga With Free Weights

Yoga with Free Weights will give you that extra "oomph" and the next day "ooooh, ahhh, ouch" that you desire. Not for the faint of heart. This class with have you burnin' calories with a butt lifting, leg toning, arm fab-ing, jealous-of-my-abs workout! Of course we cool it down with Life Yoga's signature 14 min wind down. We all deserve it. All levels welcome.



Had a long week, month or year? Chillax with this candle-lit Restorative session assisted with blankets, boulsters and pillows for that extra "ahhhhhhhh" factor. NO DOWNWARD DOGS ALLOWED! Strictly lay down, mat work. Everyone is strongly encouraged do this class at least once a week to reset and restore. Perfect for all levels.


Simply Flow 

Simply Flow Yoga is available to ALL LEVELS! We add flow between poses to give you dynamic transitions and it adds grace and variety. These sequences are introduced in Moderate, Intermediate and Advanced so you can grow with this class! These classes will allow you to work with your breath and movement to create a practice that activates muscles that dont get as much loves as the bigger ones. Always fun, always rewarding.
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