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Alia has been an active Yogi since 2005. Her first class was at The Yoga Sanctuary where her sister introduced her to the practice. She immediately fell in love and was practicing then onward for another 5 years at Downward Dog and The Yoga Sanctuary, both located in Toronto. In 2010, Alia felt the desire to deepen her practice and wanted to learn to guide. She enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training program at The Yoga Sanctuary. Her biggest inspiration was Karusia Wroblewski who spoke so passionately about Yoga and opened her up to Yoga Psychology. Alia was able to overcome many stagnant challenges that were affecting her day to day life and had also learned valuable stress management techniques. She couldn’t wait to introduce these techniques to the world and assist others in recognizing their own true nature. Young spirited at heart, Alia was conditioned to believe that being free spirited and happy was an indication of irresponsibility. She was able to let go of this conditioning with Yoga and is now proud of her kindred spirit and the ability to love and explore. Her classes are filled with humor, are light hearted and very enjoyable. Her classes are Westernized with a focus on feeling good, stretch and tone and having fun. Alia always takes the time to encourage her students to challenge themselves for the purpose of personal growth. Meditation is a sacred practice to Alia and she has developed many scripts for guided Savasana (Corpse pose at the end of class). As an active member of the Yoga community, Alia always keeps herself up to date with all the latest evolutions of Yoga.
She currently holds a Personal Trainer certification with Canfit Pro - PTS, ERYT-200 & CYA 250 certifications in Yoga, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Reiki Certification and carries a diploma in Business Administration.
Alia is the Director and Owner of Life Yoga Studio.
Julie began her yoga journey almost 10 years ago, first trying it out at a local YMCA. In 2009, she began

a regular practice and never looked back. Although she first started doing yoga for the physical benefits,

soon the benefits of having a healthy mind, body and spirit became the driving force behind her

practice. She credits yoga for helping her stay active and healthy during her 4 th pregnancy in 2010.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in beautiful Costa Rica and is grateful to have had the

opportunity to study and practice in a location that embodies the Pura Vida life.

Julie loves the benefits of yoga and truly believes that it should be assessable for everyone. Her goal is

to make her students comfortable, teaching them not the pose. Every class is an opportunity for both

teacher and student learn and grow from each other.

Leah believes that there is a yoga practice for everybody. The secret is to find a teacher that speaks to you. It was not love at first sight after she tried her first yoga class 15 years ago, she failed understand the hype and quickly lost interest. Fast forward to 2009 she rediscovered yoga after taking a power yoga class because at that time, that was what her body needed. Despite being an avid runner she watched her body transform to a much stronger and more toned self. The more she practiced it, the more she let go of the notion that it is just a physical practice and became open to the deeper understanding of the mind-body-spirit connections. To help deepen her understanding of yoga, she completed her Teacher Training in 2011 with the amazing Barb Leese. She started teaching classes locally throughout Halton before moving to Montreal in 2012 and started teaching there. Teaching yoga was something she always did on the side while continuing to work in the corporate world. It was not until the Summer of 2014 when she returned back to Ontario that she had the courage to work in the field full-time and she has not looked back. Leah specializes in yoga for beginners, seniors (mature bodies) and runners (her love for hip and hamstring poses since being a runner herself). She loves furthering her studies in yoga and health & wellness. She has completed her yoga for seniors training, started her Pain Care Yoga Certificate and is currently studying to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. In addition, she is also Canfitpro certified as a Fitness Instructor and Fitness Specialist for Seniors through the Canadian Centre of Activity and Aging in connection with the University of Western. Leah not only teaches classes at Life Yoga, she helps Alia with all the behind the scenes that make the studio a success.
A free spirit at heart with a passion for learning, Ioulia discovered her love for yoga in 2008. Being a piano and vocal teacher seven days a week, she desperately needed time for herself. Eventually, Ioulia was able to find a beautiful relationship between the body, the mind and the breath that she could not only use during practice but also apply it to music teaching as well as her everyday activities. With every class, she grew more and more in love with the power and a sense of peace yoga provided. The more she learned, the further she wanted to take her education.

A few years later, she ended up completing her 200-hour yoga teaching certification. This was just the beginning of her lifelong journey of learning, growing and inspiring. She is a strong believer in fusing music and yoga to power and motivate the body and the mind, creating fun playlists for each class.

She loves yoga because it calms her, lets her appreciate the little things in life and allows her to eat more pie!
Emi M is a Yoga Alliance -Certified E-RYT200 instructor. After her own personal struggles, she found inner peach through power yoga. She was a student under the ultimate yogis, Travis Elliot, and Lauren Eckstrom, whom she obtained her certification through. In time, her personal practice changed, and she started to be more interested in meditation and the pursuit of all things yoga.

Emi is known for her authentic, non judgmental teaching style. Her classes combine creative sequencing and a focus on safe alignment. With her holistic yoga flow, she combines the power and peacefulness, of yoga together.

Emi is always a student first and a teacher second. She's versed in Yoga therapy for depression and is currently looking forward to deepening her knowledge on sequencing and yin yoga.
Cherivic’s calm nature and nurturing intuitiveness is found through her voice when centering, talking about breath awareness or guided meditation. From a young age fitness and dance became a passion of hers, as she always found freedom in movement and flexibility, which led her to try a yoga class. Immediately she fell in love! The awareness of being in the present moment, as well as, the movement into postures spoke to her childhood memories of being a ballerina. Cherivic has now been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Her passion for yoga and spiritual healing has grown since giving birth to her son, as it has allowed her to decompress and find solace in her much needed "me time”. Throughout life’s challenges, her practice is something she always comes back to; bringing her back to center and finding that peace within. Cherivic has completed her training with the wonderful teachers at Kula Oakville and continues to expand and explore her love of yoga, yoga philosophies and spirituality. She has also completed her restorative yoga training with the beautiful soul of Beth Rutty and has studied Reiki level 1 & 2 under the amazing Teresa Bombino (a true angel!). Her passion is to spread the joy and her love for yoga to everyone from the young and young at heart.
Karen is a Human Service Worker/Yogi/Child Mindfulness Educator who is an empathic and an intuitive person. She enjoys helping people and reaching their full potential, especially through teaching yoga and meditation. She is also experienced with diverse groups of children in the education system and has worked closely with children, with physical and intellectual disabilities. Karen is a Yoga Intructor specializing in Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Children’s Yoga and Meditation.
Karen encourages everyone to try yoga and to begin discovering who they really are and challenge their minds to grow & stretch their thinking. A true Yogi at heart! Through meditation, breathing and the willingness to learn you can tap into endless possibilities.
Karen has studied at the Transformational Arts College and has taken the Discovering the Total Self Program and has completed her Reiki Masters training. Karen is a certified Yoga Instructor.
Janina Lee Del Rio is a 200 hours Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, graduating in 2007 with High Honours from Sheridan College in Oakville.
Over ten years ago, Janina turned to practice yoga as a way to relax and have some downtime from looking after her two very active young children. Just one downward-facing dog posture (asana), she was captivated by the calmness and inner peace she found in herself. After that first yoga class, she realized teaching of yoga was her calling in life. One of her favourite aspect of practicing yoga is the amazing transformation and healing that take place both physically and emotionally. An emphasis on listening to your body, respecting your limits, without judgement and meeting personal expectations is a common thread throughout her class. The main focus of her teaching is the breath, proper alignment, and honouring the body. She believes that the power of kindness is indispensable for the well being of everyone. Janina suffers from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Janina completed in April 2018 Pain and The Stretch Reflex with Nicole Ablack-Ramkay (Toronto) and in the fall 2016, the 20 hrs Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training: Healing your Heroes by Healing Heroes Project in Oakville, Canada. Janina has studied as well with other noted yogis: Daniel Rama summer 2016, Brad Waites, summer 2015. Rodney and Colleen Yee, Cindy Lee, Leslie Kaminoff, Jason Crandell, Yasmin Gow, J. Miller, Maria Garre, Doug Swenson, Natasha Rizopoulos, Lisa Black, Michelle Cormack, Todd Norian and Ann Green at the Toronto Yoga Conference. In 2009 she attended the Pre and Post Natal Yoga Training Programme at Esther Myers Yoga Studio in Toronto.
Yoga has been a big part of my life for 8 years and it supports me in ways that never ceases to amaze me. At first, it supported my physical fitness goals and even supported me back to health after a debilitating back injury.
But it is so much more.
Yoga’s physical aspect was a gateway to a satisfying inner life that sustains my spiritual growth and inner balance as I continue to learn. I have expanded my practice first as a student (which I will forever be) then as a teacher when I studied the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Sun Yoga Studio and then subsequently with workshops in proper alignment, yoga for pain management and sequencing hatha classes.
Every day that I teach a yoga class, I count my lucky stars that I can share my love for yoga with my students. I look forward to leading you through your next practice.
Luara’s Spiritual Journey began while she was studying Psychology at York University. It was only during her third year at York University, that she stumbled upon what the academics were calling “alternative Therapies”. Luara remembered her early encounters with yoga, when she was 15 years old, the calmness of her being and the stillness of the mind that a mere 4-week yoga workshop brought to her. After that realization, she began to have a steady personal practice. After each practice, she would be amazed at how lasting the effects would be not only on the body, but also on the mind. She then began to research more and ended up stumbling upon a universe of information about yoga, meditation and other healing practices. The more she read about yoga and meditation, the more it made sense to her to switch her focus into helping herself and others through these practices, rather than going the academic route. After making up her mind about what to focus on first, given the world of information and possibilities; she was determined to enroll in a Yoga Teacher training. Luara was blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Kent Brun at Karma Teachers Toronto. From this first Yoga Teacher Training she participated in, her beliefs in yoga were reinforced; the doubts in her head about her chosen path were cleared away and, there was only bliss and pride from having followed her heart on this one.
Luara continues to be a student first and a teacher second given that, she learns something new from her students and everyday experiences find their meaning on the mat.
Karusia is a lifelong dancer and yogini. She has danced ever since she can remember and began practicing asana in 1967. Karusia earned an Honours BFA Dance Degree from York University in 1992 and is a certified Yoga Therapist through the Rocky Mountain School of Yoga and Ayurveda (RMIYA) in Boulder, Colorado. She is also recognized as an E-RYT 500 through the Yoga Alliance of North America. Her studies have included Western and Eastern approaches to kinesiology, anatomy (both applied and experiential), healing, injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as expressive performance arts.
She began teaching asana in 1996, and has been invited to develop curriculum and to teach many preliminary and advanced teacher trainings in Toronto during the last 15 years. Her asana practice is framed by her studies with Baba Hari Dass and the Ashtanga Yoga Fellowship, which initiated her into Yogic Philosophy, pranayama, meditation and chanting in 1998. She practices Yoga Therapy privately, and through the Athletic Edge Sports Medicine (AESM) clinic in toronto. Karusia has had the good fortune to study with many gifted teachers in Yoga, healing and dance over the years.
She approaches Yoga as living, breathing art as well as a science, and shares her knowledge in a down-to earth and infectious manner, sprinkled with the sensibility of the artist and mystic. In the spirit of continuing education Karusia has been studying qigong (Chinese Yoga), and is certified by international master Daisy Lee to instruct the Radiant Lotus Women's Form.
Karusia keeps her toe in the dance world through taking and teaching Belly dance classes. She has a passion for horses, and grooms and massages them weekly at a downtown barn in Toronto. Karusia is also an accomplished Tarot card reader and Reiki practitioner.
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